A fully API driven multi-channel communications platform.

Resilient SIP services, IVR, PBX and Contact Centre.

TransForm your customer communication.

Transform Call & Contact Centre Communications Technology

TransForm Helps Organisations Manage their Communications

Integrate our communication technology with your systems so you can have your cake and eat it!

TransForm is a modern network level, high availability, communication technology suite that is build on an open API infrastructure, and can transform your businesses internal and external communications.

Through years of experience, we understand the difficulties that contact centres have to deal with. That’s why we are able to deliver technology that solves your problems and elevates your organisation.

Running a Contact Centre

By alleviating many of the reasons that customers dread calling a business, TransForm allows your contact centre to run more efficiently. Reduced agent handling times mean lower queuing times and integrated reporting systems allow you to find out what’s REALLY happening.

Managing Customer Experience

TransForm enables you to gather data, cut down waiting times and route your customers to the agents who are best qualified to deal with their queries. Reduce the amount of work that your customers need to do to operate your IVR system and they’ll thank you for it!

Cloud SIP Services and PBX

TransForm can offer simple yet reliable SIP services, along with a fully featured back-office PBX. Working with TransForm is easy, thanks to its intuitive user interface, full API documentation, scope for customisation, inter-operability and reasonable cost. There are usually one or more things you have to ‘settle for’… not anymore.

Helping you Meet you Challenges

Our unorthodox approach to IVR building means that we’ve created a feature-rich easy-to-use solution that tackles the challenges of inbound contact head one, helping you to:

Lower Agent Handling Time

Collect data using TransForm IVR so that your agents don't have to, driving down agent handling time and repetitive agent tasks.

Improve Customer Experience

TransForm can learn from customers' previous interactions so the CX gradually improves helping you provide a more personal service.


Using automation in a smart way can drive down your costs associated with inbound customer contact, payment requests, surveys and more.


Seamlessly communicate with your customers over the phone, web chat, email, social media and more. Manage agents remotely with ease.

TransForm Solutions

Our Unique Telephony Platform Improves User Experience, Lower Costs & Helps Motivate Your Agents


PBX Solutions

TransForm PBX is a true cloud solution that helps businesses unify office communication, whether at work, at home or in the coffee shop!

Contact Centre Telecom Solutions
Contact Centres

Contact Centre helps you manage your multi-channel customer communication, with agents working from any location. Improve your customers experience.

SIP Services

Our SIP services are simple, affordable and resilient. Many companies use Fusion for national and international telephone numbers, network IVR and more.

What Our Customers Say

Having worked with Fusion Telecom for over three years now, I can sincerely say that it has been a pleasure. The level of professionalism and service, coupled with the fantastic advice and efficient support that we have received, has been invaluable to our company.

Daithi O'Donnell

Thane Direct

After working with BT for many years, we ported our numbers to Fusion Telecom in 2003. The difference in customer service and solution delivery has been remarkable. They've worked with us to help develop our inbound call handling and a 'real time' disaster recovery solution.

Russell Metcalfe

Thomson Reuters

We have worked with Fusion Telecom for over 5 years and in that time we have worked through many changes in the telecoms environment. They have completed this without issue and with clear timescales. The results meant that the use of our NGN services has been something I need not worry about.

Martin Camp

Royal Caribbean

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Ready To Find Out More?