In order to improve customer experience and reduce expenditure…

a lot of contact centres are looking to automating their contact centre and using IVRs to guide the customer through their journey. However, for contact centres just starting out on this investment, there are inevitably going to be a few challenges.

Here are our five top tips for contact centre automation:

  1. Use a smart IVR that can recognise the patterns of returning callers, in order to direct them to where they want to go as quickly as possible during repeat interactions.
  2. Make sure there is always an agent on-hand to step in, for there will be instances where the customer will need human interaction to complete their journey. Examples of this could be when they need specific guidance or wish to file a complaint.
  3. Keep your attention on the customer – With improving technology and changing trends, what a customer perceives as the “perfect experience” will keep changing and it’s important that your IVR keeps changing to facilitate that.
  4. Use an IVR system that can easily add new functions and processes so that it can develop and grow alongside your business.
  5. Be prepared for big changes – as mentioned previously, changes in trends happen fast. For example, voice recognition IVRs are now unpopular and seen as outdated, while “Visual IVRs” are starting to increase in popularity.

While we hope these tips are useful, we would be delighted to offer you further guidance in how to best implement automation in your contact centre. Just click the link below to book your personalised, one-on-one call with one of our experts.

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