With the increasing importance of customer experience…

it’s becoming more and more important for contact centres to start blending different channels of customer contact. Here a few top tips to consider when first adopting channel blending:

  1. Understand the nature of the different channels you wish to blend – rules around phone calls differ from chat and email, which differ from video and social media.
  2. Give your staff adequate time for training and preparation – adopting new channels is going to throw off their rhythm. Make sure they’re given a suitable time investment to make them confident and competent in all channels.
  3. Remember that channel blending is about customer experience – it’s important to make sure that adopting multiple channels doesn’t end up becoming a chaotic mess that hinders customer experience.
  4. Pay attention to the changing environment around you – speaking to an agent on the phone is no longer the “first choice” for many .
  5. Maintain quality assurance across the board – make sure that the manor and conduct you would expect your staff to demonstrate over the phone also applies to how they’re responding to emails and web-messages.

If you’re looking to implement channel blending, but could use a little guidance, we’d love to talk to you! Sign up for one of our personalised, one on one web conferences on channel blending by clicking the link below.