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True unified communications.

Business Communications are a go

A modern business is flexible, and more employees than ever work from home, or on the move from their mobile devices, through Teams and Zoom. TransForm’s PBX is ready to work the way you want to.

How our Multi-Channel PBX Helps

Drive by API with an easy-to-use interface, TransForm PBX improves communication.
Where Ever You Are

Embrace flexible working with TransForm PBX. Each employee can make and receive calls from wherever they are. Use a desk phone in the office, your softphone at home, your web browser in the coffee shop and your mobile on the go. 

WebRTC and API

Our PBX is built by experts with decades of experience in telecoms. We understand you use multiple systems and therefore TransForm PBX can plug into your existing apps, such as Teams.

Highly Resilient and Secure

TransForm PBX operates within an extremely resilient, high availability environment that has PCI DSS level 1 security status. This is why it is trusted by organisations that are conscious about their security.

If you want your communications system to ‘just work’, then our built in resilient features will work for you to keep your organisation running.

PBX Phone Network

The Benefits of TransForm PBX


Our PBX has lower maintenance costs than other PBX solutions. You can flex up and down at any point – so you’re never paying more than you need to be.

Puts You In

Old-fashioned PBXs are unwieldy and often require support. Our true Cloud PBX gives you total control of your setup: voicemail, menus, opening hours and more.

Reliable and

Using multiple tier 1 carriers, resilient architecture and unique 'stay alive' SIP routing service, our service is incredibly reliable, so your business keeps going.


As we have built the system using multiple API layers, not only can you combine existing systems, but we can work with systems that you bring on in the future.