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inSurvey® gets real consumer insights.

Learn what customers really think

Using a truly unique approach inSurvey eliminates cherry-picking, engages agents and ascertains the truth. Our approach to customer feedback benefits businesses who want to know what their customers really think.

How inSurvey Can Help Your Business

Get genuine and actionable insights. Get data that improves your users experience.
Surveying Your Customers

Unlike traditional customer feedback tools which fall victim to cherry-picking, bias and data manipulation, inSurvey provides a unique approach to mid-call and post-call surveys, engaging agents in a way that makes it the only survey solution capable of giving you the truth.

Running a Contact Centre

inSurvey allows you to keep your costs low, improve your agent retention rates and bring a positive experience to your customers. It is imperative to receive accurate First Time Resolution stats, Net Promotor Scores and Customer Satisfaction numbers. inSurvey was designed to bring you the truth.

Managing Customer Experience

Use inSurvey to map your customer journey in its entirety. By giving you the flexibility to drill down into each and every survey with transcribed verbatim, inSurvey shows you exactly what’s going right and how your customer experience could be improved in the future.

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inSurvey Video

Watch our overview of how inSurvey can help organisations get real actionable data about what their customers actually think.

Getting to the truth of your customers experience has never been easier.

The Benefits of inSurvey


An advanced reporting suite and transcribed verbatim provides verifiable information that can be used to make improvements to your contact centre.

Your Customers’

Our unique Cherry Blasting formula engages your agents in helping you obtain customer truth, essential for stats you can use to make decisions with.

Improved Agent

Agents being actively involved in the process of seeking customer feedback is essential. inSurvey's ingenious formulas, wall boards and more help you do just this.

Costs Low

Surveying your customers effectively helps you run smarter marketing campaigns, improves your customer's journey reducing call backs and helps lower costs.