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More Than Just Payment and Communications Solutions

Fusion Telecom has technology that creates the perfect communications and payment solutions … but we didn’t stop there.

At Fusion Telecom we understand that running a busy customer contact centre is no easy task.

We know two major challenges are helping your customers communicate with you in a simple and convenient way for them and for you, and when they are ready to make a purchase, making the payment process simple and secure.

Bringing together a team with years of experience in the sector, we set out to create technology that makes communicating simple and reliable. The result is TransForm.

To make sure you can also take payments over any channel securely, efficiently and comply with the PCI DSS, GDPR and MiFID II,  PayGuard was created.

Our two comprehensive, class-leading and award-winning solutions are developed out of a passion for technology and customer experience.

We care about helping businesses, carrying out our work with strong moral and ethical principles. Through innovation and agility, we help our partners to be leaders in their fields, helping them to meet any challenges they may face.

Taking Responsibilty For The Future

PADI AWARE Foundation

Fusion spend energy on supporting the worlds oceans, another thing we are passionate about. 

We do this by supporting the PADI AWARE foundation, Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education. Along with its global community, PADI AWARE has successfully:

  • Secured a global win for Vulnerable Mako Sharks 
  • Launched the Community Grant Programme, providing $1 million in financial support to local communities by 2024
  • Built and committed resources to Blueprint for Ocean Action, a 10 year plan to support the global goal to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030
  • Advanced ground breaking marine research, publishing the first of its kind global analysis of seafloor marine debris hotspots linked to socioeconomic factors across 115 countries
  • Supported over 50,000 conservation actions across 80 countries
  • Aided and reported over 600 entangled marine animals

Ready To Find Out More?

Ready To Find Out More?