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Who Are Fusion Telecom?

We are experts in communications and payments technology. We focus on helping businesses like yours communicate better with customers, and take payments in many ways over any channel. Leading applications fused together, helping your organisation excel.

Businesses and Contact Centres partner with Fusion for a host of reasons, from improving customer experience to ensuring PCI compliance, from learning which marketing channels are working best to running their organisation more efficiently.

We develop technology to make sure you receive customer payments quickly, efficiently and in a secure and compliant manner through PayGuard, and for the ultimate in IVR, PBX and contact centre communications we have TransForm.

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Simple. Secure. Payments.

PayGuard allows you to take payments by Card, Open Banking or Direct Debit. Whether online, over the phone, via email or web chat, PayGuard keeps you secure and compliant.

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IVR, PBX & Contact Centre

TransForm is a webRTC enabled, high availability telephony platform that can integrate with your systems, and helps businesses communicate with their customers over any channel.

Ready To Find Out More?

Ready To Find Out More?

The ISDN Switch Off 2025

Are You Ready?

The ISDN switch off will effect anybody using an older telecom systems. But with the sunset of this infrastructure it means it is the perfect time to upgrade to a modern and efficient technology. Increasing user experience and productivity whilst saving costs.

Read more here to understand more about the ISDN Switch Off…

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